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Someone like...


Business Automation Specialist

Who can take your strategy and implement it to generate leads, automate your follow-up, and turn hot leads into paying customers.


Operations and Efficiency Specialist

Who can take make your business run like a well oiled machine so you don't have to sweat the detail and lose sleep at night


Business & Marketing Mentor

Who can help you develop your business model and marketing strategy to turn your goals and opportunities into reality - Fast!

Who Do YOU Want To Talk To First?

There are nearly 6 million small business owners in the UK and the majority of them suffer from a common complaint...

It's called "Entrepreneurial Over-Enthusiasm"

We all have great ideas and ambitious goals, but the reality is we often bite off more than we can chew.  Our passion and enthusiasm gets the better of us and we truly believe we can do Sooo much, we end up putting ourselves under a huge amount of pressure.  

And that's one of the causes of small business failures - Unrealistic Expectations!

Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying being passionate, enthusiastic or setting big goals is a bad thing - FAR FROM IT!

It's just sometimes we need a little help to achieve them - and that's where Your TEC Team come in. The reality is that every business needs a range of skills to run like a well oiled machine that produces consistent results - and small businesses are no different.  Every business needs to grab and keep their perfect prospects attention, build strong relationships with their target audience, and close the sale quickly - certainly before your competition get wind of what you're up to!

But it doesn't stop there.  Once you've won your hard earned customer you need to keep them.  You need to build a strong and powerful brand that makes them want to not just sing your praises at every opportunity but shout them from the rooftops so everybody hears about how awesome you are!

Now THAT'S how to really build a business. And it relies on generating consistent positive word of mouth at every opportunity to create a steady flow of new customers direct to your door, credit card in hand and asking to buy whatever it is you have to offer.

It's a sad fact that many small business owners work really hard to acquire new leads and turn them into paying customers. The problem is once they've made the initial sale, they often don't have the resources to both service their customers in the long term and attract new customers who are willing to pay cash now to keep them afloat.

Their need for cash right now to keep afloat wins the battle of resources, and the majority of their effort is put into their customer acquisition strategy. Understandable? Yes! Highly Profitable? Hmmm...

Research consistently shows that nurturing your existing customers and encouraging them to buy more of your products and services costs a fraction of what it costs to acquire a new customer.

Sure, the cash is in the sale - but the fortune is in the follow-up!

 And THAT's where Your TEC Team can help!

Would working with a small team of highly qualified and experience professionals each 'playing to their genius' help you achieve your goals and turn your opportunities into reality far quicker than battling on your own?

What Can We Do For You?

Chris Kent MSc (Dist.) CMgr FCMI CDOL MCIM Chartered Marketer

Keynote Speaker | Author | Business & Marketing Mentor

Entrepreneur turned part-time academic, Chris Kent is a leading authority on micro-business marketing. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Communications from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), one of the UK’s leading universities in the field, following his research into the impact the global digital marketing skills gap has on micro-business performance.

He is currently working towards his part-time PhD (also at MMU) as he further develops his research into this area.

The modern marketing landscape is extremely complex, and many business owners have to do all their marketing themselves, often with little or no formal training. This can be disastrous as Chris well knows; in fact, he attributes the failure of his first business in his mid-20’s to his lack of marketing knowledge and has spent the last thirty years developing and refining this essential business skill.

He has a deep and broad technical background as well as extensive experience in sales and marketing and has worked on many high-profile projects for global companies. Combining his knowledge and practical expertise in technology with his passion for marketing, he has developed an online learning platform to help small business owners learn what they actually need to know to play the role of Marketing Manager for their own business. Combining the power of marketing automation with learner performance

He has a significant interest in behavioural marketing to combine the power of marketing automation with monitoring learner performance to help increase student completion and success rates. In addition to his academic and professional qualifications he is an Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Certified Consultant and a Certified Designer of Online Learning with The Learning & Performance Institute.

Chris spends his time working with coaches, consultants and small business owners helping them master their message before they go off and play with the shiny objects in the digital world. He also confesses to have worked with a politician and turned his wall of words into a compelling manifesto that actually got him elected (twice!) - for which he apologises. 

He enjoys teaching, writing, speaking, and guest lecturing on a number of topics including: Message Development, Business & Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Strategic Brand Development, Micro-Business Marketing, Customer Journey Mapping, Copywriting, Marketing Automation, Targeted Content Creation, and Search Engine Friendly Website Design in addition to many other related topics. 

In his spare time, he enjoys mentoring as part of traveling, reading, walking, and is still trying to learn Russian.

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Tania Jones

Business & Marketing Automation Specialist

Tania graduated from the University of Brighton with a Degree in Electronics and joined the electronic manufacturing division of Marconi.

She later moved to Alexander Proudfoot, an International Management Consultancy specialising in optimising business processes and workflow efficiencies where her clients included The Daily Express, The Mirror Group, several major credit card companies, and British Steel, in addition to a number of smaller organisations.

During this time, she acquired a number of business process reengineering skills and extensive real-world experience 'at the sharp end'.  Tania put these skills to good use when she started her own training business, whilst also balancing the challenges of raising a young family.

Operational efficiency was a key component of her early success as she developed her business. She took the opportunity to implement the Infusionsoft business and marketing automation system in 2009 and saw her conversion rate rocket from 25% to over 80%. Tania attributes this success to her optimised and automated lead generation and follow up systems - an area where she is particularly proficient!

She has a passion for combining her business process development skills with lead generation and business and marketing automation. Tania became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner in 2011 which allowed her to resell Infusionsoft and implement the system in other small businesses.  Many of whom enjoyed similar success.

Tania admits to being a total geek who loves to learn new software and how it can be implemented to benefit small businesses. She is a keen learner and added Digital Marketer Certifications to her skill sets and regularly keeps abreast of the latest technological developments.

She now loves to work with small business owners who know they need to improve their systems to fully achieve the growth they dream of. Tania focuses on her three key areas of expertise: increasing lead generation, automating the follow-up process, and developing cost effective support systems solutions - all of which help small business owners grow their business in a controlled and efficient manner.

In short Tania is an excellent strategist with in-depth technical experience of Infusionsoft, email marketing techniques, business automation, lead generation, and developing marketing, webinar and event funnels.

Keeping up with leaders in digital marketing is something she feels passionate about and considers this to be a critical success factor in developing business growth in the fast-moving digital world we now live in.

She now works with small business owners to help them with their sales and marketing strategies. Training forms part of her service delivery model to ensure her clients fully understand their target market to consistently generating leads and trains them to use tools such as Keap and social media.

Elaine Minett-Smith

Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Operations Specialist

As a professional, Elaine made the change from employment to business owner 3 years ago. In her employed roles, Elaine developed skills in Process Improvement and Project Management.

Now, she supports business owners with their operational and project management by implementing and operating systems that will help them become more efficient, scale and grow their business.

Starting out as a Virtual Assistant, Elaine worked with a variety of business owners. She noticed they all worked the same way as one another. Working on all the tasks created by their business. Everything! From admin, accounts, marketing sales and even client delivery. Often working long days in the mindset that only they can complete a lot of that work.

With corporate and process improvement experience, Elaine spotted that they were missing something. They didn't document how they work, and they didn't know where they were spending most of their time. Thinking about that, how can the way they work improve when what they do is all in their head? How can they delegate a task without step-by-step instructions from start to finish?

All too often, Virtual Assistants have to decipher the task as they go-along. Not knowing what the outcome should be. This can mean the business owner doesn't get the result they wanted. Not wanting a repeat experience, they choose not to delegate again. Holding onto those tasks themselves.

For business to grow, increasing resources and investment is the way forward. With Elaine's help, you can delegate with confidence.

With increased resources, there's increased capacity for new clients. Elaine can improve how your business operates. Enabling you to be more productive, efficient and move you toward your goals sooner. By automating where possible, supercharging your tools and getting you ready to delegate. You can do less and still get more done!

Business has grown and Elaine's Digital Marketing skills have developed. Working behind-the-scenes for Digital Marketers has its advantages! Knowing their strategies, Elaine can setup lead generation and follow-up systems for you. Getting you a consistent flow of leads and improved sales, every month. Elaine also just happens to be a ‘dab hand’ at all things social media and her expertise spans most of the common platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others,

With a passion to help others work towards and achieve their goals. Elaine has a technical mind and love for systems. As a quick learner, she gets to know the latest apps, tech and tools to help your business run as a smooth operation. From start-up to established, getting it to where you imagined it to be.

So that's a quick intro to Your TEC Team but exactly HOW do we work?

Everything we do is based on the 21st Century Marketing System which Chris describes in his book - so no real surprises there!

Chris has conducted extensively research into business models and marketing systems but could not find anything that really helped solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners take advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

He developed The 21st Century Marketing System - a dynamic, holistic, and practical business and marketing system specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get to grips with the very real demands of modern marketing.

Its primary purpose is to give you a “helicopter view” and a solid grounding in all the things that actually matter in the micro-business marketing context. The System caters for every part of your entrepreneurial journey as you build an efficient and profitable business and everything has been designed to help you generate that all important positive word of mouth.

To learn more about The 21st Century Marketing System and how it can help you build your business please click here

That all sounds great but you're probably now wondering "Who Does What?"

The answer is that we all 'Play to our Genius'  - which is something Chris talks a lot about on his mentoring programmes in the 21st Century Marketing Academy.

Chris gets the show on the road by helping you define your business and marketing strategy. Now that might sound a bit boring, but if you don't get this right you can kiss goodbye to any hope of developing a sustainable and long term profitable business. 

He's also an experienced copywriter so takes charge of all aspects around mastering your message and crafting word that engage, inspire and sell. After all, marketing is all about making a promise to your target audience.

Tania implements your strategy right down to building the individual campaigns that will make the biggest difference to your business. She's also 'The Queen of Automation' so if it can be automated, Tania can do it!  Which means you get more time to work on your business not the paperwork!  Basically you get to do all the stuff you're good at and enjoy without employing an army of staff beavering about in the background. Automation is, quite frankly, the fastest way to scale and grow your business!

Elaine runs the show and makes sure everything works exactly as it should - super efficiently.  She's also your main contact for the day-to-day operational side of your business and makes sure every body does what they need to do to deliver on your promise and get the results we all want!

All three of us are interested in - and focused on - getting results.  One of the great things about marketing in the the 21st century is that technology has advanced so much, pretty much everything is measurable - which means we can calculate the return on your various marketing investments and really understand what works and why.  

Elaine loves the geeky stuff and playing with numbers such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insight (and everything else that measures performance). She's really hot at telling you what's going on at the 'nuts and bolts' level in the depths of your business. 

Tania also loves the geeky stuff and uses the numbers to fine tune the systems to optimise their performance. If she were a mechanic she'd be tweaking all the little bits that make the biggest difference to the performance of your overall business machine and make things go faster with less energy.

Chris can't keep up with the other two these days, but he does have a seriously geeky background and can quickly understand what's going on at the 'nuts and bolts' level, work out what it really means to you in your business context, and explain it all in plain english so you can make the right decisions for your business.

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" and when you get the right feedback and react by continually adjusting your course, you cannot help but to arrive at your destination.

"Where Do You Want To Go And How Can Your TEC Team Help You Get There?"

Fancy a virtual cuppa to discuss your business and see what we can do for you?

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