Chris & Oksana invite you for a drink & chat to keep in touch...

There's no getting away from it - times are very 'interesting'. No matter what the current situation requires us to sacrifice, we all naturally want to connect. But at the moment that just ain't gonna happen!

The good old British Pub is the pinnacle of our social life here in the UK, and a focal point for connecting.  Nevermind 'Business to Business' or 'Business to Consumer' - pubs give us the ultimate opportunity to connect 'People to People'.

When Boris announced the lockdown on 23rd March one of the first thing to suffer was our good old local.

Let's not lose them even if we cannot use them!

Whilst we may not be able to gather in person whilst we protect our highly valued NHS, we can remain social and loyal to our local.

So here's the plan...

Let's share some stories about our national treasures and try to keep them in business by creating interest. Let's tell others about the places we love so they will want to join in the fun, experience, and joy of the hub of our British social life.  We'll sure as hell want them when we're all the other side of this horrid virus and the devastation it's caused.

I'm sure we all want to get through this as soon as possible, but until Boris drops the flag we're going to have to make do with living life online. And that sparked a thought!  An idea to remain social - but at a distance. 

In fact the distance of two yards of ale!

Given that a yard is 39 inches, and a yard is as 'near as damn it' a metre, methinks two yards of ale is a sensible social distance!  

We can clink the bottom of our very british icons, and enjoy each other's company through a pair of borrowed glasses!

Let's make a time to meet one evening when we may have otherwise arranged to go to the pub.

Let's join each other for a 'virtual drink' using some of the wonders of modern technology such as Zoom, Skype, Whereby, or Google Hangouts. And what if we mix this online encounter with a couple of cans of the traditional local offline brew, or a bottle of non-virtual wine, and just keep in touch and have a natter.

Let's share stories of all the great pubs and inns we've been to, and why it would be good to visit them again in the future when all this is over.

If you'd like to join my wife and I for a drink at 'The (Virtual) Red Lion' then drop me a line and let's make it happen 🙂


Chris Kent MSc (Dist.)

Chris (& Oksana)

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