Z 9010-1: Modern Marketing for Modern Managers (CMI)

Why Strategic Management
is the REAL Skill in Generating Word of Mouth in the Digital Age

Modern Marketing for Modern Managers

Challenging Conventional Thinking: A Strategic Approach to Word of Mouth

The holy grail of marketing is word of mouth – but how exactly do you generate word of mouth for your business offline, online and via social media?  Many businesses are so overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the modern marketing landscape they often don’t know where to start!

Taken from his recent book “21st Century Marketing: What it is, Why it matters and How to do it” Chris Kent MSc, a leading authority on micro-business marketing, will reveal the three biggest challenges most business owners face when trying to generate word of mouth for their business and the steps you can take to overcome them.

Contrary to popular belief, generating word of mouth for any business is not just the responsibility of the marketing department - it involves every single department and function of the organisation.  To truly harness the power of the worldwide web the entire management team needs to plant marketing at the heart of the organisation and embrace it as part of their corporate strategy. ​

And that's precisely what Chris will show you how to do...

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What you'll learn

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    The Precise Point Word of Mouth is Generated in ANY organisation
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    How to Build Trust to Strengthen Your Brand
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    The Biggest Challenges Facing Marketers and Managers Today
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    The REAL Impact of the Global Digital Marketing Skills Gap
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    The Power Shift to the Consumer and Implications for Managers
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    The Influence of Technology on Buyer Decision Making 
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    The 'Helicopter View' of the Modern Marketing Landscape
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    The New Way to Engage Your Target Audience
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    The 21st Century Marketing System - THE Tool For Modern Managers
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    The Six Core Elements of Viral Content

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Chris Kent MSc (Dist) CMgr FCMI MLPI CDOL MCIM Chartered Marketer

Entrepreneur turned part-time academic, Chris Kent is a leading authority on micro-business marketing. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Communications from one of the UK’s top universities in the field following his research into the impact the global digital marketing skills gap has on micro-businesses – a topic he continues to research as he now works towards his PhD.

He is the creator of the 21st Century Marketing System and author of “21st Century Marketing – What it is, Why it matters, and How to do it” - a pragmatic, holistic and practical approach aimed at helping fellow entrepreneurs, micro-business owners, and managers get to grips with the complex and very real demands of modern marketing.

In addition to pursuing his research, Chris spends his time teaching his 21st Century Marketing System, writing, speaking, and guest lecturing on a number of topics including: Digital Marketing Strategy, Strategic Brand Development, Micro-Business Marketing, Customer Journey Mapping, Copywriting, Targeted Content Creation, and Search Engine Friendly Website Design as well as many other related topics. You can find out more about Chris at www.chriskentmsc.com

In his spare time he enjoys reading, walking, and is still trying to learn Russian.

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